New York,

One from last week that did not get through to me was a nice travel to the New York Marathon, representing CRR was Fiona McLean in her first ever marathon – Out in a field of 50000 runners Fiona goal was to enjoy this slightly Hilly Marathon and get across the line with a smile, Setting off slowly in the vast crowd of runners Fiona after a little jostling settled into a good steady pace keeping her 5k times to plan, with the hillier section of the race more towards the end Fiona started to put her SW coast Path training to work and was really picking off places in the still crowded field. With the finish line in view Fiona gave her last push to complete her First ever marathon in 4h 49m 19s a fantastic achievement.





Chard road runners were out in larger numbers this weekend with the usual mix of road and trial running.

First out to test their metal were 4 marathon and 1 half Marathon runners who headed off to Newton Abbott for the Dartmoor Vale races, this road race is a 2 lap race with the Marathon runners taking on the half route twice.

Heading out for CRR’s in the Marathon were Bernie Genge, Paul Masters, James Musselwhite and Andrew Leeson, taking up the early pace was Bernie and Paul who kept good pace for the first 6 miles before Bernie pulled away, Andrew Leeson was running with James Musselwhite who was taking on his first ever marathon, taking a good steady pace James and Andrew over the first few miles, with the race opening up James and Andrew pushed on to the halfway point, Bernie Genge was pushing hard into the second half moving into the top 30 slots, Paul Masters was starting to fatigue in the long climb out of Newton Abbott for the second time, with the miles passing James was having to fight a sore knee but with the Support of Andrew Leeson they were able to keep going.  Heading into the finish line first for CRR’s was Bernie Genge in a time of 3h 31m 52 24/114, next was Paul Masters 4h 09m 18s 60/114, with James Musselwhite completing his first Marathon in a time of 4h 29m 11s 77/114 with Andrew Leeson crossing in 4h 29m 14s 78/114.

Heading off as the sole runner for CRR’s in the Dartmoor Vale Half Marathon was Nina Wagstaff who was off fast from the start, taking in the early part of the race picking off runners as the gradient increased with the last of the main climb out the way Nina kept the pressure on and eased into the long downhill section.  Entering back in towards the start and Nina had pushed onto the Top 30 and with a final push crossed the line in 1h 35m 13s 25/209

Next Race was the Herepath Half a hilly off-road trail race heading out of Thurlbear with the route taking in the Blackdown Hills, Running in CRR’s colours were Matt Saunders, Adrian Male and Claire Gibbs.  With the first ½ mile being a road field and road section Matt Saunders took a charge to avoid the narrow track and picked off some good places, Adrian Male having taken a last minute entry set off at good pace to ease himself in, Claire Gibbs set deep into the pack to make her way up the long climb to Staple Hill, with the Mid section providing some good soft trail running (muddy) which provided a lot of entertainment, with the long downhill running to the finish it was Matt Saunder that led the run into the line crossing in 1h 55m 34s 30th position, Adrian Male was next in a tight run to the line in 2h 08m 58s 70th and with a sprint into the finish Claire Gibbs crossed in 3h 23m 45s 162nd

Picture Dartmoor Vale l/R Andrew Leeson, James Musselwhite, Paul Masters, Bernie Genge, Nina Wagstaff

Picture Herepath Half Adrian Male, Claire Gibbs, Matt Saunders.

Hope all is good

Paul Masters

Chard Road Runners were back to a busy schedule of races

Starting with a trip down to Burnbeck Near Corfe Castle CRR’s were represented by Helen Baxter in the Bad Cow Frolic, this race had an early 07:30 start, ran over 12 hours around an off-road trail course with prizes given for distance rather than speed. Helen was in for the long-haul with fingers crossed that the weather would hold, making good progress up the field and with the miles clocking up Helen crossed the line as 3rd Lady covering 39miles in 11 hours.

Next race was on CRR’s doorstep with the Chard Chaser 10k Sunday saw the second running of the Challenging 10k race attracting the attention of 5 CRR’s Banah Crook, Mandy Poulton, Gary Wheaton, Rachel Collins and Wayne Loveridge, Heading out fast from the off was Wayne Loveridge and Rachel Collins started with a hard chase out of town, Gary Wheaton was next giving chase, at the halfway mark Banah Crook and Mandy Poulton were , with the finish line fast approaching Wayne Loveridge was CRR’s first runner to cross the line in 00:36:29in 2/150, Rachel Collins came in next as 1st lady, 7/150 in 00:41:41, with. Gary Wheaton was also on form coming in in 1:03:49, Banah Crook finished in 1:17:11 improving on last year’s time and Mandy Poulton finishing in 1:20:08.

Next it was off to the New Forest for 4 CRR’s Starting off for CRR’s were the McLean Brothers Rod and Stuart, setting off perhaps a little too quick, Addie Douglas and Andy Mear both just back from injury were taking a steadier approach to cover the 26.2 miles of Forest Trails, At the halfway point both CRR’s front runners were starting to struggle, making the second half a bit of a struggle, Addie and Andy kept to plan and started to pick up places. Crossing the line first was Roddy McLean in 3:29:24. 63/740, next was Stuart McLean 3:46:38, 152/740, next in running to the line was Addie Douglas 4:34:57  480/740 and Andy Mear 4:35:01, 481/740

CRR’s last event was off to Day 2 of The Bad Cow this time for the Half and Full Marathon.  First off was Paul Masters taking on the Full marathon a multi-lap Trail race, taking the first lap to settle Paul then started pick up pace, keeping good focus Paul pushed hard to the finish crossing the line in 3:57:54. 16/150

Taking on the Half Marathon Kieron Chapman was looked to get off fast on this multi-lap trail race around the Purbecks, with good vision to avoid the bottlenecks of the first mile Kieron was making good headway, with the halfway mark passed Kieron was in the top 50 runners, with the line in view a last push took Kieron over the line in a time of 2:03:42 31/161

Bridgwater races

A quite weekend for CRR’s and they waited for the rain to start before heading off to Bridgewater for the Half Marathon and the 10k races.

Wayne loveridge was CRR’s sole representative in the Half-Marathon a fast going 13.1mile race with over 290 runners heading along the streets o Bridgewater, with the rain making it’s presence felt from the off it was going to be a challenging event with the going being slippery on corners, Wayne was fast off the line and soon pushing the top ten runners.  The rain started to ease a little which suited Wayne who was now pushing into the top 5, the bit was truly in Waynes teeth as he could see the front runners flagging, with a push at mile 10 Wayne was now into second spot which he was able to maintain to the finish line crossing in 1h 14m 34s 2/295

The next race again had just the single entry from CRR’s in the Bridgewater 10k, Gary Wheaton was out for this flattish race with over a 160 runners taking to the streets around the town, setting off at a steady pace to allow the field to stretch Gary then started to pick off places, as the race was getting to its halfway place Gary was feeling good as the cooler weather suited him, it was now a case of head-down running into the finish and with a last push Gary picked off a few more places to cross the line in a time of 58m 59s 92/164


Bank Holiday Running

Chard RR’s were spread across a few events on Bank Holiday Sunday 2 races being a 10k Road  Race and a 10k off-road trail race and 1 being a less formal trail race to Run as far as you can within 12 hours
First off the mark were Mick and Vicky Whitworth who traveled down to Budleigh for the Jurassic Coast 10k, this route takes runners along the scenic coastal paths, Mick and Vicky started the race together picking up pace as the race progressed into the countryside, with the heat of the day taking its toll the going got a lot harder, Mick started to pull ahead and with a final push crossed the line in 1h 11m 23s 230/299, Vicky kept a good pace and final sprint to cross the line in 1h 16m29s 265/299.
Next Race was the Langport Runners Battle of Sedgemoor 10k, this fast paced race heading out of Langport took runners out across the Somerset Levels, taking part were 7 CRR’s, Heading off from the Huish Leisure centre first was Andrew Leeson seeking to make a good start in the near 400 pack, keeping on his heels was Kieron Chapman, as the race headed out onto the Levels Hannah Dowling was picking up early places with Nikki Long and Kenny Timson both chasing hard, Claire Gibbs was making good progress as the pack was on the return leg of the route along with Lizzie Smith, as the runners were heading into the finish it was Andrew Leeson who crossed the line first for CRR’s followed as per the table below
Pos Name Time
27 Andrew Leeson 00:41:27
144 Kieron Chapman 00:50:46
200 Hannah Dowling 00:55:36
272 Nikki Long 01:02:23
274 Kenny Timson 01:02:25
291 Claire Gibbs 01:03:53
355 Elizabeth Smith 01:12:24
365 Nicola Smith 01:14:46
Photo l/r Andrew Leeson, Claire Gibbs, Nicola Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Hannah Dowling, Kieron Chapman.  Not in Photo Kenny Timson and Nikki Long.
 CRR Battle Of Sedgemoor
The last event for CRR’s was the East Farm Frolic which is an, off road multi-lap race where the race is all about how far the runner can cover between 1hr and 12 hours Helen Baxter was CRR’s representative at this event, with a mass start runners set off around the route crossing the timing mat with each lap counted off, Helen set off in the cool of the morning and kept good steady pace and as the heat of the day built it was more about trying to keep cool which Helen managed to do with the help of Marines who were on hand with sponges to raise money for charity whilst helping the runners, Helen kept her focus with 9 laps completed in 7h 25m 59s and covering over 30 miles of hilly trails.