Whether it was the sunshine or the anticipation of championship points, the Slay the Dragon 10 trail race saw Chard Road Runners out in their largest number so far this year with 9 runners trotting out. Richard Clifton, having pre-run the course assured us the going was firm to good with only a small amount of ice on the road.

Wayne Loveridge was at the front of the start line and kept up a good pace coming in second in 38:03. Next over the line was Matt Baker in 52:24, James Musselwhite tried hard to keep pace with Matt but was unable to match his speed crossing the line 2 minutes later in 54:25.

First for the ladies was Helen Baxter in 1:09:40, closely followed by Richard Clifton, running with his wife Caroline in 1:11:39.

Having lost Helen at the second style Claire Gibbs came in soon after in 1:13:37.

Next in was Vicky Whitworth in 1:19:32, Miranda Colebred in 1:22:00 and Lizzie Smith enjoying running the race with her Mum in 1:25:10, all spurred on by their team mates letting them know there was free cake at the finish line.

Slay the Dragon



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