CRR’s were off to Dorset this weekend for the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon, setting out from Bishops Caundel, Matt Baker and Stevie Potter led Chard Road Runners out on a very cold but dry morning. Followed by James  Musselwhite, Claire Gibbs and Helen Baxter. Stevie pulled forward of Matt but he was up for a chase with an aim to get under the 2 hours, James soon left the Claire and Helen behind as he got on with chasing last year’s time sadly the headwind denied him by a minute.

Claire, suffering with a foot problem told Helen to go on alone which she did but struggled with motivation in the icy wind. Claire kept motivated with visions of crossing the finish line completed the course and was glad to get a nice warm cup of tea inside her.

Stevie Potter 137/395 – 1h 42m 00s
Matt Baker – 271/395 – 1h 57m 32s
James Musselwhite – 305/395 – 2h 02m 37s
Helen Baxter – 376/395 – 2h 22m 47s
Clare Gibbs – 392/395 – 2h 50m 12s
Blackmore Vale

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