The first race for the weekend was the White Star Running Dark Moors 10 Mile Forest trail race, CRR’s sole runner in this race was Paul Masters, with the race heading out into the Moors Valley Country Park, Ringwood 18:30 it was Headtorch capital from the off with over 350 runners heading out onto the forest trails glowing as bright as possible to light the route ahead.  Paul made a steady start from mid-pack, as the route opened up Paul was able to start pushing and make progress through the field, this 2 lap race opened out more on the second lap and with knowledge of the route and where the mud was made for faster going, as the final turn off the trail came Paul was in a small group that allowed for a fast paced finish crossing the line in 1h 17m 07s 43/356 and 1st in age category


The next race for Chard Road Runners was the Sunday Morning Axmouth Challenge, this mix of road track and field running with big hills lives up to the challenge title, running for Chard Road Runners was Andrew Leeson, Matt Baker and Addie Douglass, with a quiet start up the first hill of the race it was not long before Andy was starting to make some headway through the pack, as the route changed from lanes into the muddy fields Matt showed his pace over the tricky ground, as the hills evened out at the far end of the route Addie Douglass coming back from injury was getting into her pace finding loads of puddles and mud to cut through.  The last mile of the route was now playing out with a big downhill first via a muddy field with a narrow stile exit at the bottom which made for many laughs as runners tried to slow down, it was then out onto the road back into the village of Axmouth, first crossing the line for CRR’s was Andrew Leeson in 1h 08m 43s 8/100, next in a sprint finish was Matt Baker in 1h 26m 34s 69/100 and Addie Douglass in 1h 36m 10s 82/100


The final race for CRR’s was the 5 mile Axmouth Challenge taking in most of the first half of the 10 mile race but with a high percentage of Hill, Gary Wheaton represented CRR’s and was off to a good start up the Hill with his route then into the now very muddy field the going was more like ice skating than running, heading down into the village was a very tight pack of runners which Gary pushing hard stepped clear of to cross the line in 58m 57s and 8th place.


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